Digital marketing, for Spanish speaking markets.





about me.

I have been involved in digital marketing for the last 7 years. I’ve worked with accounts big and small.

With Hubspot (as an agency partner), I learned the solid chops in marketing of reporting, designing and managing large scale, expensive projects.

Now freelance, I work with my clients to implement marketing actions from social media to web design to attract leads in Spain and South America.

I work with a network of contacts to assist in specialist areas such as SEO (the real nitty gritty), Javascript frameworks (for awesome user experience), and also with MSR Marketing for the old-school marketing actions that bring influencers to the table.

My own marketing project is x-port, which works with companies on all things digital. Check it out


How can I help?

Look, I get what your company needs.

Our design drives users towards the web form. Step 1: Get those leads in.


Social media helps build your brand. And all those links help your SEO.

seo in spanish

I don't want to say SEO. But having your ranking on Google is ESSENTIAL.


Learn your customers, adjust, adapt, embrace. Move forward.


Certified in design, inbound, partner, and the Lion Sales course


Best young director of the north-west at the Cornerhouse festival


Degrees in theatre, film production and a PGCE in education


2nd Prize for a paella a leña competition in Paterna, Valencia



The nuts and bolts.


Building long term social media strategy. Branding across channels. Building followers and getting you closer to the influencers.


Keyword research. Content planning. Blog posting. Blog design. Call to action. Search engine positioning. And all in Spanish.


Adobe CC suite. I can use Photoshop, Illustrator, After effects, Premiere and a bunch of other tools to make your content look…Gorgeous.


I program in HTML, CSS, a touch of PHP and a hint of Javascript. Any designer who tells you “can’t be done”, ain’t the right one for you.



Chris was the only person that within the first meeting made me feel confident that he understood my vision and could produce my website within a specific timeframe.
Responsive and super hands on throughout the project, I never felt that I had to chase him for answers, being a bit of a novice to WordPress and Seo, there were many questions!
Not only did Chris create a beautiful and professional website for my styling business, but he also took the time to go over and beyond what was expected. I was super impressed by his wealth of knowledge, can do attitude and his ability to think outside the box.
I now have a site that does me and my brand justice.
You can tell that from just speaking to Chris he is passionate about the work he does, I am looking forward to working with Chris in the future.

Anya O'Sullivan

Anya Marie Styling



Get on board.

New leads in

LATAM and Spain

Based in Spain, I work with clients to develop not only their websites, but their marketing strategies in two languages

A website driven

towards growth

All the little details learnt from years of experience to make sure your visitors are guided towards the Calls To Action.

Seriously cool design for amazing user experience

With my partners, we’ve hand-built websites and apps for much lower costs that make users go… “cool”.

Consultancy on your marketing plan as is

From the classic influencer outreach strategies to influencers, to the lead driven, no-stone-unturned practices of Hubspot. 

Professionalism learnt from down in the trenches

I worked 16 hour days in the beginning in corporate, project managing and working with teams that would blow your mind.

Meetings *Holidays*

in Valencia

Valencia is such a cool place.

Shall we chat things over?


My Musings

Thoughts on life, the universe, and everything.

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